The full "Art of 8 Limbs". The culture and traditions of Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Kru courses, Krabi Krabong and more!



Muay Thai

Our Muay Thai classes are mixed level. Whether looking to fight or to improve fitness and lose weight, our trainers can adapt their training to suit you, to make it more beneficial, personal and enjoyable. 

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Muay Boran

Muay Boran is the ancient art of Muay Thai, from which Muay Thai originated. Practiced by film star Tony Jaa. Our trainers have great expertise in this dynamic martial art and are passionate about teaching.

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Luktupfah Muay thai is situated on the outskirts of Bangkok, yet only 30 minutes away from this vibrant city. It is set in a semi rural area, perfect for focusing on training.

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Luktupfah supporting the empowerment of Muay Thai for women and younger generations!!