How Luktupfah began

Grand Master Woody (Chinawut Sirisompan), Luktupfah’s owner has dedicated his life to Muay Thai.

Growing up in Thailand, participation and competing in Tae kwon do and Muay Thai was a significant part of his life. Which he continued when moving to England in the 1970s, being one of the first Thai’s to take Muay Thai to the West. GM. Woody first taught Muay Thai in London, then later opened a gym teaching both Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do in Manchester. His passion for teaching only accelerated from there, as he travelled around the World sharing this Thai art, leaving a lineage of many dedicated students in the Middle East, Europe and South America, all of which now have their own line of students.

Later, GM. Woody returned back to Thailand and worked for the Muay Thai conservation center at the National stadium in Bangkok. He hosted annual world championships where his previous students would bring their students to compete to become champion. GM. Woody also promoted MBK Fight Night at the time, which was a weekly fight night event in the center of Bangkok.

In 2013 someone approached GM. Woody about a muay thai camp that had become available after the original owner had retired and the following owners were unable to keep it going. GM. Woody took the opportunity and restored the original name, Luktupfah, in honor of the original founder, and until today has succeeded in running Luktupfah Muay Thai school, Muay Thai, muay boran and kru muay thai course camp.

Please see the link below for a story on GM. Woody and his triumph in Manchester.