Class Schedule

Muay Thai: A faster paced class where you’ll utilize all eight limbs; fists, elbows, knees, and shins for striking, making it a highly dynamic and versatile form of martial arts. When you join a Muay Thai class, you can expect to see a variety of individuals, ranging from beginners to advanced practitioners, all coming together to learn and improve their skills.

What to expect in a typical Muay Thai class: Warm up, Shadowboxing, Technical Instruction, Drills and Pad Work, Bag Work, Partner Training, Conditioning and Fitness and Cool-down/stretching.

Muay Boran: In a Muay Boran class, practitioners learn and practice the techniques and strategies that were used in historical Thai warfare and self-defense. The class aims to preserve the traditional techniques, movements, and principles of Muay Boran while providing a deeper understanding of its historical and cultural significance.

What to expect in a typical Muay Boran class: Warm-up and Rituals, Technique Instruction, Forms and Choreographed Patterns, Partner Drills, Thai Terminology, Cultural and Historical Context, Cool-down.

Krabi Krabong/Thai sword (Advance booking by request) Please email for more information.