Muay Boran

Muay Boran is for everyone. The pace of the class is slower and more technical than our Muay Thai classes. Each technique is taught with the Thai terminology as well as an explanation of application, putting it in a historical and practical context so that the student can have complete understanding.

For those whose primary interest is learning techniques, skills and culture, Muay Boran is for you!

Luktupfah Muay Thai School is a unique and special place that combines physical training with spiritual and cultural practices. Its commitment to preserving the ancient traditions of Muay Boran, while also teaching modern Muay Thai, sets it apart as a truly exceptional training facility.

In partnership with WMBF and the KMA, you can climb up the ranks in Muay Thai Boran and get graded by our teacher’s via the Khan grading system. Discover the intricate levels of mastery, from beginner to advanced, as we guide you on a journey steeped in history, discipline, and respect.

The WMBF curriculum is specifically designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of Muay Thai and martial art practitioners. It focuses on technical proficiency, tactical understanding, traditional forms, historical and cultural context, access to experienced instructors, and progression through a grading system. By following our curriculum, practitioners can significantly improve their abilities and deepen their understanding of the sport.

Classes are held Monday to Friday, at 10:00am and 1:00pm

"Muay Boran is the name that describes the Thai nation’s traditional martial arts of fighting. Dating back thousands of years, at the birth of the Thai nation. Starting from the tribe of Thai people who had to constantly fight to protect themselves against their aggressors in the South of China before moving South East to settle in ancient Siam, which we now call Thailand. Along the way the Thai people have developed the fighting arts to combine with hand held weapons such as long swords, poles and spears. Also to use parts of the body such as fists, elbows, knees, and kicks to gain advantage against their opponents, when their weapons are lost in close combat fights during war times. In peace time a system was developed to organize contests to choose the best of the warriors who were then selected as the King’s guards. Now, in modern days Muaythai is known as a sport worldwide. …Nowadays some of the techniques have been forgotten due to certain moves no longer being allowed to be used in the ring, for both commercial and safety reasons. These can still be used effectively in self defense." - Extract from the Preface of 'To Art of Muay Boran' by Mr. Chinawut Sirisompan (Grand Master Woody)

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