Training - Drop In

Muay Thai (Monday-Saturday 07:30 & 16:00)

  • One Class

    400 baht per adult

    200 baht per child (14 years and under)

  • One Day

    600 baht per person

Muay Boran (Monday-Friday 10:00)

  • 500 baht per person

for Thai locals and residents, please contact management

Training - Packages

Membership Punch Card

  • 10 Classes (valid for 3 months)

    3500 baht

  • 15 Classes (valid for 4 months)

    5000 baht

  • 20 Classes (valid for 5 months)

    6000 baht

Unlimited Memberships

  • One Week Unlimited

    3000 baht

  • One Month Unlimited

    *Contact Management for Special Price*

Training & Accommodation

On-site accommodation includes secure room with air conditioning, mini fridge, and private bathroom. With accommodation packages we provide three meals daily, free access to laundry machines, and the opportunity to attend all daily classes.

  • Daily Price

    1200 baht per person

  • Monthly Price

    30000 baht per person

Special Packages

Krabi Krabong (available by advanced booking only)

  • 500 baht per lesson

Group and Long Stay Booking

  • Contact management for booking availability and discount information

All classes are non-refundable


For queries about special packages please email