Kru Muay Thai

At Luktupfah Muay Thai school we offer fully accredited Kru training and certification following a practical exam. Sanctioned by the Kru Muaythai Association (KMA) and accredited by Thailand Ministry of Education.

The KMA is the World’s leading Kru (Teacher) certification system for Muaythai and Muay Boran.

We follow the Khan grading system for level of student and teacher.

All certified Krus will be part of the Worldwide Kru Muaythai Association (KMA) and have their record listed on the KMA website as well as certification issued, along with Mongkol and Prajeet.

Kru Muaythai Association (KMA) Website

Before taking this course and becoming a certified ‘Kru’, one should be familiar with this following information.
  • Having years experience in Muaythai:- Training, Fighting and/or Coaching
  • Know the history, culture, traditions and respect that all relate to Muaythai
  • Have familiarity with the people involved: Famous fighters, Masters (Krus), Historic figures
  • Ba able to explain the Wai Kru, Mongol and Prajeet
  • Have general knowledge of Muay Boran from basic to advanced
  • Have general knowledge of Muaythai scoring
  • Being able to professionally instruct and show techniques
  • Know basic Thai terminology of movements and numbers for Muaythai
Our weekly courses are on-going